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Frequently Asked Questions....

What's the entire process of hiring a bartender?


1.) Submit Quote Form.

2.) Pay Invoice online via the emailed link.

2.) Recieve consultation email for your Shopping List & Menu.

4.) Have a memorable Event as the Bartender serves you & your guests.

What do I need to buy for my Event?

Bartenders 2 U will provide all customers with a SHOPPING LIST to help assist with alcohol purchases and all supplies needed for the bar.

All though Bartenders 2 U can purchase all supplies for a stress free experience if desired. See here for more  

Is Bartenders 2 U certified, insured & licensed?

Yes, Bartenders 2 U is certified by TIPS and SAFE Food Handlers.

Bartenders 2 U carries a $2 million dollar insurance policy with every event.

Bartenders 2 U is a licensed company & can acquire ABC License for events.

Are tips included in your invoice price?

 No tips are not included in the invoice price.

Customers have 2 options:

Option 1: Allow tip jars present at there event.

Option 2: Tip the bartender after the event typically on average 18% of the total bill or $1 per guest.

Can be added to invoice. 

Do the Bartenders dress in professional attire?

Yes, all Bartenders are dressed in black slacks and a black button up shirt.

If the event is themed the bartender will match with the theme. Let us know

When are payments due?

 Payments are due within 3 days of your event typically. If no payment has been made Bartenders 2 U will not be hosting your beverage section. Custom arrangements must be made prior to event date if needed.

How do cancelations work?

Cancellations not within 3 months of Event date will be returned partially. 

If within 3 month period customer forfeits total payed. 

What's included with every Bartender?

- 1 attentive Bartender in professional attire + 1hr free of prep time & 30 min free of clean up afterwards at no additional charge!

- Consultation on your beverages offered.

- Personalized Shopping List

- Custom Menu created to match your color schemes, printed and displayed on the bar for your guests convenience.

- Ice well with ice scooper

- Fruit tray holder

- Napkin & Straw holder

- 1 cooler & 1 bin

- Shakers, stir spoons, strainers, tongs

- Cutting board, gloves & knife

- Candle LED lighted to match your colors

- Wine & Beer opener and wine display tray

- 3ft LED lighted bottle display (if available)

- 6ft portable table & black table cloth

- Tip Jar

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